I want a pedal setup that will allows me to heel-and-toe; unfortunately, the position my pedals have ended up in is less than ideal.

Caterham have delivered my chassis with the brake and clutch pedal as far from the driver as possible, but with the throttle pedal using the nearest mounting point (see Throttle Cable), This made installing the throttle pedal easier due to the lack of bending, but has made the heel-and-toe positioning worse.

Throttle pedal too high for heel-and-toe

From the photo you can see my throttle pedal is to high when I brake pedal is being pressed hard, so as far as I am concerned this leaves me with two choices. Lower the throttle pedal position at rest, or increase the brake and clutch pedal position at rest.

My initial thoughts were to lower the throttle pedal, and readjust the throttle cable. There is a throttle stop screw in the pedal box. The initial problem was the space in the pedal box to do this (not a problem if you have an SV I guess). So I decided to remove the throttle pedal to make the adjustment. The delivered stop was actually set to the maximum possible with the bolt used. I tried adding another nut, as a starting point, but this was way too much, so out the throttle pedal came out again. To cut a long story short, even this slightest of downward throttle pedal position resulted in not being able to achieve full throttle.

Ensuring I have full throttle

I know I could have bent the pedal some more, but this wasn’t as easy as it was earlier before silicone had been used to lock the cable to the pedal. With the benefit of hindsight, I would not recommend applying silicone to the throttle pedal until you’re happy with the pedal position.

So my plan B was to adjust the brake pedal and clutch up a bit. I was worried this would ruin the pedal feel, but that worry was unfounded. I only needed a few turns to permit the heel-and-toe position I desired.

Adjusting the brake and clutch pedal was a simple task: just release the locking nut and adjust the position.

Throttle position I was looking for

Once I was happy with the position, the final task was to adjust the clutch pedal stop and brake light switch. The clutch pedal stop needs to stop the pedal just after the clutch disengages the clutch. The brake light switch adjustment is about getting the lights to come when the pedal is pressed and off when not.

Tools Used

  • 5mm hex to 8mm hex adapter
  • Small 10mm combination spanner
  • 8mm ratchet ring spanner (for 5mm hex to 8mm hex adapter)
  • 10mm combination spanner
  • 12mm combination spanner
  • 13mm combination spanner
  • 17mm combination spanner
  • 19mm combination spanner