This is one job Caterham has made easier since the build of my 360R. Caterham now apply the bonnet and dash decals in the factory, leaving the builder to apply the just the rear wing decal and nose badge.

It appears there is no true official location for the rear wing decal. Both these rear wing decals in the photos above have been applied by Caterham, but obviously the blue cars decal is much higher than the yellow one, so you have a choice to make.

I prefer the slightly higher position, so thats what I went with.

Before you apply the decals make sure the surface is clean. To do this, I used isopropanol alcohol; a quick whip should ensure good adhesion.

I spent a fair bit of time getting the alignment I wanted with the rear light. I used masking take and carefully measured (multiple times) to ensure it was centred and the sticker was level with the rear light. Once when I was happy, I stuck the decal into its position with another length of masking tape at the top, removed the backing paper and sprayed the surface with water, with a tiny bit of washing up liquid added, and carefully applied the decal. The water and washing up liquid help remove any air bubbles, and also permit some level of movement should you need it. To ensure all the water and any air bubbles were removed, I use a decal squeegee.

Once the decal was secure, I removed the front paper and masking tape. Unfortunately my 420R decal has a weird line through the silver, so at some stage I will revisit this with a replacement decal.

Caterham kindly drill the holes that locate the nose badge. I know this can be a problem if you car has stripes applied, because it seems like the nose-cone-badge-driller and the stipe-applier often don’t see eye to eye, resulting in the builder inevitably having to make some adjustment to these holes.

My Caterham does not have stripes, so I was expecting an easy job – clean and stick – but the holes drilled where too small for the badge. The holes measured 4mm in diameter, but 5.5mm is actually needed for clearance. Obviously, having got to this stage of the build, getting the drill out wasn’t going to scare me, so the holes were soon enlarged, smoothed with a rats tail file and the nose badge fitted at last.

Tools Used

  • Decal squeegee
  • Drill
  • Rats tail file