Caterham 420 Detailed Build Blog

An alternative to the Caterham 420R build manual

Caterham Builder’s Glossary

PBC – Post Build Check, a 3 hour inspection / check at Caterham Cars or one of the dealers, included in the price of the kit. It ensures your works is up to scratch, and the car is ready for IVA.

IVA – Individual Vehicle Approval, the road safety test needed before a kit car can be registered for the road in the UK.

CC – Caterham Cars

CKD – Complete Knock Down, the Caterham Car term for a car supplied in kit form.

CRB – Clutch Release Bearing, a bearing that pushes the clutch pressure plate when the clutch pedal is pressed.

ARB – Anti Roll Bar, a bar which resists body roll during cornering. The R spec Caterham has a front and rear ARB.

WD40 – Trademark name of a water displacing spray / penetrating oil.

ACF50 – Anti-Corrosion oil / lubricant.

POR15 – Trademark name of an American automotive paint brand.

PPF – Paint Protection Film, a clear film applied too paint to protect it.

To Be Continued…

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