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Other Caterham Build Blogs

Here are some links to other Caterham Build Blogs that I have read and enjoyed. They are also the inspiration behind me creating this site. Remember, Caterham Cars are continuously changing the kits delivered, so issues these builders may have had may no longer apply.

In no particulate order:

Marcus’ 420 SV Build Diary. I first met Marcus on a very wet Bedford Autodrom Trackday, we then both started building at roughly the same time.

Simon and Jeremy Roberts’ Farther And Son 420R SV Build Blog. One of the first build blogs I read.

Daniel French’s Caterham R500 Build Blog. Although this blog has transformed into the story of Daniel’s successful Caterham racing career, back at the beginning it documents the build of a very unusual R500 kit. R500s are normally all factory built.

John Martin’s Purplemeanie Build Blog. This blog is full of lovely detail, and a really useful resource.

Mark’s Caterham 7 Diaries. This is the most modern 420R S3 build blog I have read. You can see the changes to the kit and the new issues this has brought. His car has an unusual route to registration ,coming from the Isle of Mann.

Supplier Links

As I build, I will add links here of products and services I use.

Wheeled axle stands help when building in tight spaces, they also give you some fine adjustment when installing the engine. I highly recommend them if you intend to build in a single garage. I purchased mine from CJ Autos.

Garage floor paint supplier.

Garage floor tile supplier.

Raceglaze Jet Laq engine lacquer to protect the finish of your new engine.

Source of Econoseal Connectors and Crimping Tool used on the Caterham wiring loom.

POR15 my chassis touch up paint of choice

And the UK supplier for POR15

ACF50 my anti corrosion solution of choice

Source of Mikalor Supra hose camps (oh the irony)

Paint protection company used by Caterham Cars (at the time of my 360R build)

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