Fitting the floor mats is one of those job on a seemingly endless list of little jobs. Every time I tick one job off, I think of another that I have forgotten to put on this list in the first place.

The mats are handed, but don’t exactly fit the lowered floors on my Caterham, so I decided to fit the popper bases to the floor first. I wanted to get the base as close as I possibly could to the lowered floor support, but still have enough room for the popper not to foul that support.

With the holes drilled for the popper bases, I placed the mat on the floor and used a strong pick to push up through the floor into the mat and create a mark for the popper hole locations in the mat. I used a hole punch tool to create the hole for the popper.

Using a popper tool I hammered the poppers into the mats. The final step was to pop rivet the popper base onto the floor, which presented a minor problem, the popper base prevented the pop rivet tool from reaching the rivet. I solved this problem with a few small washers between the riveter and the rivet. These washers are only used during the riveting process and break free once riveted.

Tools Used

  • Pop riveter
  • Hammer
  • Popper tool
  • Hole punch
  • Strong Pick
  • Drill