One of my first observations about the new build manual (v1.2 and v2.0) was that it tells you to stick the front wings are stuck to the wing stays before the the IVA trim or the repeater lamp are fitted. Personally, I prefer to get the IVA trim fitted before glueing the wing, and modifying the wing for the repeater before fitting also makes more sense to me.

Caterham are kind enough to drill three holes in each front wing for the repeater, however only the bolt holes are the required size. The middle hole needs a fair bit of enlargement.

My trusty Dremel made enlarging the hole a simple job. Make sure you fit the repeaters round the right way: the LEDs need to point backwards. If you get this round the wrong way you will enlarge the hole in the wrong direction.

I glued the IVA trim on the wing using “ZAP GOO” (; it’s a very strange super glue which remains flexible, with the added benefit of being removable. I came across this glue while flying radio controlled helicopters. I used it to glue connectors into the electronics to prevent anything from coming loose during flight. The removal part was essential for maintenance. I have only found it in model shops and eBay, but I used it to good effect for my 360R.

The process I followed is simple: fit the IVA trim and hold it in place using masking tape. I applied the glue between the gaps in the masking tape. Once dry, I removed the masking tape and applied glue under each piece as it was removed. I left the glue to dry for a few hours and then it was ready to fit.

The final part of the preparation was the drilling of the earth hole for the repeater. I know the new manual (v1.2 and v2.0) recommends to do this as the wing stay is being fitted, but waited until my car is actually on its wheels, so I have something to create a firm support with for the wing stay. I used one of my wheel chocks upside down to create a firm platform for the hole to be drilled.

I prefer to use a pop rivet for the repeater earth wire, because a self tapping screw (the alternative method) tends to have a sharper point that could damage the repeater wire that runs through the wing stay over time.

Tools Used

  • Drill
  • Dremel
  • Scissors