The front brake caliper hoses are supplied in a kit of three hoses, two for the front and one for the rear. You also need to find the washers needed for fitting.   

In the front bake hose bag I found two adapters and copper washers. It’s important to select the correct adapter for the caliper. For the upgraded calipers you need to use the adapter with the small ridge to locate the copper washer.  The cooper washers supplied with the adapters are too small. I found the correct copper washers in the uprights box.

The new manual (v1.2 and v2.0) doesn’t offer any torque settings, but the old manual (2015c) lists 25Nm for the adapter in the caliper and 10Nm for the rest of the fittings. Given the adapters are the only thing that can be fitted with a socket the Rest of the fittings have to be estimated.

Make sure the correct copper washer is centred

While I fitted the adapter, I pulled the copper washer onto the ridge to ensure it was centred.  Once I was happy the copper washer was centred, the adapter was torqued up with a socket. I had to use a 1/2” drive 1/2” socket fit the adapter properly. 

Next I maded sure all the fittings where fitted finger tight, and not cross threaded. It’s easy to cross thread the brake line to brake hose connection inside the chassis, because the copper brake line has to line up perfectly for the thread to catch. I had to remove one tie wrap holding the brake line on the chassis to get the alignment needed. I replaced it once the fitting was complete.

Tightening was simple enough, apart from the limited space inside the chassis, using flare spanners where possible, and open ended where not. The fittings were all imperial not metric.

A quick check to make sure the hose doesn’t touch anything through a full sweep of the steering. Unfortunately for me the heat shrink part-number label on one of my hoses means the point at which the hose bends is different from LHS to RHS. I will check this again with the car on the wheels before I fill the system with brake fluid.  

Tools Used

  • 3/8 Torque Wrench
  • 3/8 to 1/2 adapter
  • 1/2″ 1/2 drive socket
  • 14mm combination spanner
  • 1/2″ combination spanner
  • 1/2″ flare spanner
  • 9/16″ flare spanner
  • Side cutters