If you followed my steering rack post (and you are building a 420) you will have already drilled the mounting 8mm hole in the chassis steering rack platform. If you haven’t, and you have already installed the steering rack, then you will be forced to drill from the underside up towards the rack. I have done this once, and I protected the rack from damage with a block of wood clamped to the steering rack platform.

The horns as supplied will need to be rotated on the mounting brackets to get the connections as close as possible, because the wiring loom doesn’t have lots of slack. I held the horn mounting bracket in my workmate, and loosened the single nut holding the horn. Once the connections were as close as possible, I tightened the horn back onto the bracket.  

Next, it’s just a simple case of passing a bolt (with a washer) through the chassis steering rack platform hole, and then put the spacer, horns, washer and nut on the bolt.

Then I noticed a problem: there wasn’t enough thread through the nut. So for now I removed the washer. I might investigate a longer bolt. 

UPDATE – I refitted the washer, this time with a 1/2 M8 nyloc nut, which resolves the problem of not having exposed threads visible.

Tools Used

  • 13mm 3/8 socket 
  • 3/8 Ratchet
  • 3/8 Extension 
  • 13mm combination spanner