The first job on many builders’ lists is to attach the IVA trim to the chassis, because it’s easier with the front suspension removed.   I decided this would also be my starting point.

I often see the IVA trim applied around all the openings for the front suspension, steering rack and sometimes even the exhaust primaries.   The actual IVA requirement is just the top of protruding edge of the upper front suspension holes, basically where the body sticks out and has a sharp edge.

One of the advantages of going to the factory was spotting that they are no longer using the IVA trim used for the indicator pods and cycle wings on the chassis.  Instead, they are using a new trim which is smaller, and doesn’t gape when its formed around the corners.   Assuming this is going to be supplied at some stage to all kit builders, it is this new trim I am fitting.   I strongly recommend getting hold of this new trim from Caterham, because it’s much easier to fit.   I also think it looks much better.  

UPDATE – It appears even though the IVA trim I used, is being fitted on factory builds, it’s not included in the kit. You can purchase it from Caterham ( using part number 300V036A.

I started measuring the length I needed by applying the trim and marking the cut point with a bit of chalk. 

Marking my cut point

My cuts ended up with the following lengths: 

Front hole 100mm, rear hole 235mm

I fitted them to the panel without glue and left them over-night, something that would have not been possible with the old IVA trim.   During that time the trim retained a memory of the shape needed, which made it easier to glue in place. 

Trim fitted and left overnight

Using the same glue (and glue remover) I used for the Indicator pods, I stuck part of the trim to the chassis.   I did this to make sure the trim was started in the right place.  To get this glue into the right place on the chassis you will need to be precise; I used a wooden skewer to do this, but any small blunt disposable thing, that isn’t going to damage paint, would do.  

Applied glue to the inside skin and avoid the paint

I waited 2 hours for the first part to stick, then applied glue to the rest of the trim.  Any visible glue on the outside was instantly removed using glue remover and a clean microfibre.   The glue on the inside I might leave, as evidence for the IVA inspector that the trim is permanently attached.