To make a start without the chassis, I decided to start small.

I am going to make no secret of my dislike of IVA trim. I want the ability to remove it without a trace post IVA, so my choice of glue is going to differ from the manual’s recommended super glue. In my experience, the IVA tester will only run their hands around the trim checking it’s not loose. I have been testing a few options and choose Loctite 37532 Black Weatherstrip Adhesive. This is not as fast to set as super glue or as simple to use, because it’s runny, but it can easily be cleaned off using a car detailing glue / tar remover (I am using Auto Glym Tar and Adhesive Remover).

Ready to glue IVA trim

So, I worked my way round the indicator pods fitting the IVA trim, making sure the longer edge goes on the inside, and the smaller more rounded edge on the outside. I used masking tape to hold the IVA trim in place while the glue dried. I worked with a clamp and a plastic lever to hold bulges flat. After a few hours, a quick clean with the glue remover resulted in the finish I am looking for.

Next I added the front indicator to the pod, only to discover the first area where the old and new build manual is different. The new manual (v1.2 and v2.0) calls for a self-tapper “CA” from screw pack “C”, but I haven’t been supplied screw pack “C”.

Indicator Fitted

I have however been supplied with the fitting kit from the old build manual (2015c) “30L002A”, and not the “C” pack from the new manual. Confusing yes, but actually I prefer using the screws and nyloc nuts from the old pack over the self-tapping screws – especially as there is not much meat around the screw holes on the Carbon Indicator Pods. I added washers for the same reason. When fitting the indicator, I made sure the drain hole was at the bottom, and I didn’t over-tighten anything.

Drain hole at the bottom

To access the top M4 nut of the indicator, I used a 7mm 1/4 drive socket, and a small extension. The indicator rubber made it difficult to remove the socket, so a 7mm open ended spanner was easier to use on the lower nuts.

All complete

I won’t progress to the headlight fitting just now, because I need to trial-fit the headlamp brackets, and this is easier without the weight and wires of the headlamps.

UPDATE – The second indicator pod took a lot more effort and time to get the same level of finish as the first. It actually took two attempts to get the IVA trim bulge flat.