UPDATE – A new Duratec version of the manual has been created. A New Duratec Build Manual

Flicking trough the build manual this evening I found a few observations which might help a novice builder. These observations are relevant if you are building a 270/310 model.

Manual Build StepObservations
Front wishbones
Steering rack
Front dampers
Front uprights
Headlights and front indicators
Front anti roll bar
Front brake hoses
HornsDrilling the hole for the 420 horns is easier before the steering rack is fitted
Radiator and cooling fanLeave until after the engine is installed – easy to damage
HeaterLeave until after the engine is installed – easy to damage
Air box / Air filter housingLeave until after the engine is installed – easy to damage
Remove bellhosuing 
Fit bellhosuing to gearbox
Fit gearbox to engine
Install engine and gearbox
Fit some of the engine coolant hoses
Coolant expansion bottle
Fit more coolant hoses
Fuel supply hose to engine
Throttle cable 
Clutch hose
Battery and engine earth leads
Fit more coolant hoses to heater
Fill coolant
Air box hose
Steering column and wheel 
Exhaust primaries and collector/cat
Hand brake and cable 
Prop shaft 
Dedion brake hoses and lines
Dedion tube into chassis
Rear dampers and brake hose to chassis
Rear radius arms
A frame
Rear anti roll bar
Drive shafts 
Rear hubs and callipers
Speed sensor No mention of earth mod, although still supplied in my kit
Fit front wheel arches 
IVA trim front wheel archesEasier before the front arches are fitted
Rear arches 
Rear arch protectionEasier before the rear arches are fitted
Front side repeaters, number plate lamp and rear lightsFront side repeaters are easier to fit before front arches are fitted
Fuse box cover, knee panels and rivet side panels
Carpet tunnel side panels
Carpet boot floor, fit fuel filler cover and handbrake cover
Tunnel cover
Seat belts
Roll BarThis is not possible after rear dampers are fitted; this should be fitted before the rear dampers
Exhaust and cat heat shield
Nose and bonnet
Wipers arms and blades
Wing IVA spec mirrors
Starter Motor wiring 
Things that don’t appear to be covered by the manual at all
Washer bottle fitting 
Catch tank fitting
Engine loom connection to chassis loom
Engine temp sender (in submarine for gauge) connection 
Reverse light switch connection
Gearstick installation 
Gear knob install 
Rear brake line bending and connection to rear callipers
Bleeding the clutch
Rear Badge / Sticker location
Aero Screen and mirrors 
Rear view mirror
Bonnet / nose protection foam 
Complete boot and rear panel carpet fitting