My kit has been supplied with version 1.2 of the IKEA style manual. This manual really only covers the 270 / 310 models with a few references to 360 and 420 models, but doesn’t cover anywhere near enough detail to build a 420. That means I am left to download the old-style 2015c manual from I actually prefer the old manual, even though it has been complained about in blog and forum posts for a long time.

I used the old-style manual when I built my 360R, so I am used to it, but using both introduces an interesting conundrum. What to do, when the old manual contradicts the new manual? I suppose this is nothing new, because the old manual used to contradict itself at times. The main area where this seems to happen is torque settings. If I see any obvious examples I will put them into the appropriate post.

UPDATE – A new Duratec version of the manual (v2.0) has been created. A New Duratec Build Manual