Final stage of my LED upgrade is the front indicators, this time I preferred the light pattern of the Just Add Lightness (

The process is simple, remove the two screws and remove the lens. The bulb is removed with a twist.

It was at this point I realised the indicator mount allows the standard bulb to move from side to side. For some reason this didn’t bother me with the standard bulb, but concerned me when adding my LED replacements.

The solution I found was a small thin piece of foam attached the the side of the bulb (on the opposite side to the copper earth connection). It must be stressed this a problem with the diameter of the bulb holder, and not the LED indicator from JAL. It appears the light unit is made for bulbs larger than the standard size. Refitting the lens with the two screws, checking the seal is lipped over the lens correctly.

LED Flasher relay replaced

With all the indicators upgraded to LED, its time to replace the flasher relay, it‘a a simple pull out and push back. Its the largest relay and on my 420R it was one up from the bottom. If you don’t know which relay it is, you should be able feel it clicking when the indicators are flashing.

Tools Used LED Light Upgrades

  • Side cutters
  • Pliers
  • Pick
  • Ratchet screwdriver
  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • Small flat blade screwdriver
  • Small Philips screwdriver
  • 7mm 1/4” drive socket
  • 1/4” drive ratchet
  • 2.5mm Allen key
  • Philips hex bit
  • Ratchet 8mm spanner
  • Heat gun