When I ordered my kit, one of the questions I pondered the most on was what seats to go for. I loved my Tillet seats in my Sigma 150, but knew they were a painful experience to remove and refit. The leather seats in my 360R on the other hand had a very simple fitting process. In the end I chose the seats I truly wanted, despite knowing they would be a pain to fit. I have to admit that putting in these Tillet seats took longer than the engine install! Fitting the lower section of the seat belts is the starting step.

For some reason one of the seat belt sets supplied by Caterham had thinner headed bolts than the other, but both where thinner than a normal hex head bolt, so be careful when tightening (to 47Nm). There is also a cardboard washer supplied with the seat belts which I tried in various locations, but the net result was always a buckle that wouldn’t move, so I chose the manual’s (v1.2 and v2.0) bolt , washer, buckle, wobbly washer and boss mounting recommendation.

For each seat you need a red latch strap that’s attached to the tunnel, and a buckle strap attached to the side wall. My car has carbon interior side skin, which was unnerving as the bolt was tightened, but I can’t see any obvious damage. However, even if there was it’s more important to have a tight seat belt than worrying about damage which is hidden by the seat. The belts need to move freely, so it’s worth checking that they can be pulled into different positions.

I followed the new manual (v1.2 and v2.0), which shows the latch strap mounting to the rear most tunnel mounting hole. This presents a massive problem when fitting Tillet seats: the seat can’t slide far enough back, because it touches the mounting bracket. Referring to the old manual (2015c) I established that the forward tunnel mounting hole is used, and with the red latch strap in this position the seat can slide without fouling the mounting bracket. This was one of the many problems I experienced installing the drivers seat, so I recommend using the forward tunnel mounting hole if you have Tillet seats. Tankfully there is only one hole on the side panel to choose from.

Tools Used

  • 17mm 3/8” drive socket
  • 3/8” drive ratchet
  • 3/8” drive torque wrench