Post IVA it’s time for some tasks to make my 420R mine.

First it’s time to return the steering column (fitted during IVA The Final Push). The task is exactly the same as the fitting, except the steering wheel and column is removed with the top steering bush still fitted to the column. You have to pull the bush and column out. I did this sitting in the driver’s seat being very careful not to smack the steering wheel into my face.

Finally I could fit my steering wheel and column (as Steering Column) but this time I fitted the top steering column bush.

Removing the labels and refitting the “Flash” switch, and gently removing the N-trim from the dash complete my dash IVA rewind.

There are a few bit of IVA trim I don’t like which I have have removed. But I have grown to like some of the other trims, maybe it’s because they fit the colour scheme of my car.

The rubber boot to cover the front upper wishbone camber adjustment lock nut also had to go. This does present one minor problem: the thread has no rust protection. I applied a thin coat of POR15 Chassis Top Coat to prevent that from rusting, but not too much to prevent camber adjustment. Once the boot was removed and the paint was dry, a tie wrap was added to secure the repeater wire.

For some strange reason the bonnet foam on one side pealed from its backing. Time for some replacement.