Having passed the IVA, and while waiting for the registration process to complete, it’s time to look at the little jobs needed to get the my Caterham on the Road.

I am registering my Caterham using a registration number I have on retention, so I know the number plate that will be issued. Therefore I was able to use existing number plates that I already had made. I was also able to go to the the government website checking for the day when registration number was recognised.

To secure the front number plate, I used 3M Dual Lock. The idea is to protect the nosecone in the event of anything touching the front number plate. If you decide to use this method, there is one important thing to consider: the vertical mounting position. The vertical mounting position must be near the middle of the number plate. If the vertical mounting position is too high (near the top of the number plate) air pushing on the bottom of the plate leavers it off the nosecone.

There is an argument that this mounting position obstructs the grill, which is true to a degree, but this mounting method means the number plate can be removed for track days, or in any situation where increased cooling is needed.

Before I stuck anything, I cleaned the surface of the nosecone and number plate with a quick wipe of IPA alcohol. I then stuck the 3M Dual Lock pads to the nosecone. I centred the number plate using the 7 grill and a measured mark on the number plate. To level the number plate, I used masking tape to create a reference line. As a final step, I removed the backing from the 3M Dual Lock pads and secured the plate using my reference mark and masking tape line.

The rear number plate I stuck to the back panel using a combination of double sided tape, and very thin self adhesive foam. To help me decide how much double sided tape to use, I tried to remember how difficult removing rear number plates can be, without causing damage to the back panel – so as little as possible is my advice.

I centreD and levelled the rear number plate, but left it hinged with masking tape. Once I was happy with the position, I lifted the number plate up, removed the backing of the double sided tape and hinged the number plate back down.