This is a build task that you may not need to tackle, depending on how you intend to present your car for IVA. If you are a first time builder then I strongly recommend following the normal procedure of PBC and then IVA.

From what I have read, tracking adjustment is included as part of the PBC. I also recommend getting the ride height (corner weights) professionally adjusted, and again, this could also be done during PBC, by your Caterham agent.

However, I always intended to IVA then PBC. This means I will have a few hundred miles before a professional can adjust my tracking and ride height, so I need to get it somewhere close.

The new manual (v1.2 and v2.0) does not give any recommendation for either tracking or ride height, thankfully initial settings are given in the old manual (2015c). Obviously, this only applies if you have adjustable spring platforms on your dampers, and this all depends on the spec of the car.

For front ride height this is 150mm (or more up to 190mm) measured under the centre front chassis rail, and 15mm more for the rear, measured under the chassis rail the front of the A-frame mounts to.

To measure this I cut to strips of cardboard to the correct length and used them as a measuring stick. Initially the front was so low the cardboard would not even go under the first chassis rail below the radiator.

Eventually the cardboard cleared the correct chassis tube (420 owners: this is the tube the dry sump tank is attached to). To make sure I was keeping the adjust roughly equal left to right, I wound the lower sprint mount to the bottom and measured using sockets to get a consistent gap.

I then repeated the process at the rear. I know a C spanner should be used to wind these spring platforms up and down, but I found a pin punch the perfect replacement.

The reason I used cardboard was to simplify the process of measuring, so I could ask a helper to measure the ride height while I was sitting in the car. This took a few more attempts to get close, but close enough was all I wanted to achieve for now.

Even if my car was going directly to Caterham for PBC, I would have needed some ride height adjustment, because I would have not been able to even get it off my drive without a little more height.

It was obvious from the minute the uprights were attached, that the recommended 12 turns for tacking (new manual v1.2 and v2.0) was way off the mark. Once again, the new manual (v1.2 and v2.0) does not recommend any tracking setting, but the old manual (2015c) gives a recommended 0 degrees 20′ + or – 10′ Toe In. The front wheels were obviously Toe out, so I needed some adjustment.

To adjust the tracking, I cut the tie wrap on the steering rack gaiter and push it back to expose the flats, and slide back the IVA to expose the track rod locking nut. I put a piece of masking tape on as a flag, so I can measure the number of turns I make during adjustment. To keep the rack central, just remember to do the same to both sides.

I have a Trackace laser tracking tool, but this really isn’t needed. The string method would have worked just as well in getting the desired Toe In adjustment. Once again, this is only a temporary setting until PBC is performed, but remember to tighten the locknut and refit the gaiter.