There are so many mirror options for a Caterham, all of which I am going to ignore (for now), until my car has passed its IVA. I haven’t decided if I am going to fit the mirrors in their stock position post-IVA, but what I eventually do will be posted in the blog.

I started with the wing mirrors, which are attached to the side of the windscreen. There appear to be two options for the position of the wing mirrors, but the upper windscreen screw seems to be used by Caterham Academy cars. Therefor I chose the middle windscreen screw.

The screws to be removed from the windscreen stanchion need to be kept, and therefore take your time and do this carefully. Regardless of what post-IVA mirror choice, I make these screws will need to be refitted. The IVA mirror mount screw needs to be tight, so I put a little Loctite 243 on them as they were installed.

During my 360R IVA there was a little movement in this mount and the tester asked me to apply superglue to the screw to prevent movement. I don’t want that to happen again, so I applied some the Loctite.

The next part is a bit of dismantling. The wing mirror glass is removed from the mount, it is held with a Torx T20 screw. The metal wing mirror arm is also stored, and is used if I decided to use the stock mirror mounting location on the side screens. Try and keep the glass facing upwards once the mirror is dismantled, or the piece of plastic the screw goes into will fall into the mirror.

Fitting the IVA mirror mount using the screw is actually simply a case of pushing the piece of plastic the screw goes in, into a corner with finger pressure. This was sufficient for me to start the screw. The piece of plastic has flats, so once the IVA mirror mount engages with the flats there is no need to apply the pressure as its tightened. You want the mirror tight enough to not move, but not so stiff that mirror mount moves before the mirror, so its a balancing act.

Finally I fitted the grub screw that secures the mirror to the stanchion. Again, I checked the mirror moved before the mount, and made sure the mirror will hold its position.

The rear view mirror is just a stick-on job, but make sure you clean the windscreen before you fit it; I use Isproponal alcohol. I was trying to square it with the windscreen logo. Unfortunately it didn’t go to plan and it is slightly off centre. So this is on my post IVA to-do list to relocate it.

Tools Used

  • Torx screw driver
  • Flat screw driver hex adapter
  • 8mm ratchet ring spanner
  • 2.5mm Allen key