I should have had all the fittings in an “unmarked” bag, unfortunately, I had only some of the fittings. Therefore the photos will show washers which I will replace, hence the lid airbox isn’t tight on the body yet.

So much for fittings in an unmarked bag

The airbox body is mounted with three small bobbins. I started by fitting the bobbins and the body of the airbox onto the chassis first. I would advise fitting the seal first before fitting the airbox to the chassis, as I did. 

The filter is a paper-style filter from a Ford Ford Fiesta. What is strange the Ford Fiesta K&N replacement panel filter isn’t used by Caterham when they fit a K&N style unit. I won’t be making any changes to the stock specification until IVA is passed, but I will replace this filter at the first service to a K&N alternative.

The hose to the throttle body is just a push fit into the lid of the airbox, and the hose is held in place with a hose clap. Note, the lid needs to be moved into position over the airbox before fitting the screws.

The seal to the bonnet needs to be cut to size. I used a Dremel for this. It’s difficult to push this trim onto the airbox inlet, especially around the sharp bend. I kept removing the seal to a open it up with a plastic trim lever to make fitting easier. It would have been wiser to fit this seal before fitting the airbox to the chassis.  Be careful – it’s only plastic. 

UPDATE – I have now fitted some more appropriate washers to the airbox lid and the lid has been tightened.

More appropriate washers fitted

Tools Used

  • Dremel
  • Knife
  • 7mm 1/4” drive socket
  • 8mm 1/4” drive socket
  • 1/4” drive ratchet
  • 1/4” drive extension
  • Plastic trim lever
  • Philips screwdriver