This post has a lot of detail, because the first time I did this with my 360R build, I managed to dent the side skin as I hadn’t worked out how to thread the last primary into position. It helps to have an extra pair of eyes during this process to prevent any damage. 

The position of that last primary during the install dictates the need for this to be done before installing the dry sump tank.  

I started by removing the labels from the primaries, as I don’t want a burnt-on mess to deal with.  The labels are of that specially-difficult-to-remove type, thankfully some Auto Glym ‘Tar and Adhesive Remover’ dealt with that. 

In readiness I have protected the paint on the side skin and the chassis tubes. I also removed the manifold bolts and gasket (noting which way it goes). Once the protective tape was removed from the engine, I cleaned off the residue with the adhesive remover.  Then reattached the gasket using the bolts for the front two primaries.

The old manual (2015c) lists the primary installation order, which I followed: start with 4th primary, followed by the third, then the second and fit the first primary last.

The 4th primary is the one closest to the gearbox and it has the largest mounting plate. Hence I reattached the gasket using the bolts from the front of the engine. Just make sure the bolts needed for the primary you’re installing are removed and within easy reach.

Installing the 4th primary is done by passing the mounting plate through the hole in the skin. This is also the process for the next (the 3rd) primary. 

To fit the 2nd primary (3rd one being installed), start inside the chassis and pass the exit out through the skin. This is simple enough, though I had to be careful of the collector mounting-tag as it passes through the skin. To prevent the primary from touching the skin at the bottom, I used a bit of pipe lagging underneath, unfortunately I didn’t capture this in any photo.

Finally the difficult 1st primary: again, start fitting it from inside the chassis. I think the important part to note from the photos is the location and how low I had to get the mounting bracket to clear the skin without contact.  The primary mounting bracket is almost as low as the front engine pulley. I took my time with this, making small movements to prevent the damaged.

I am not installing the collector at this stage, so the primaries will be left finger-tight for now. 

Tools Used

  • None at this stage