So, here is the spec of my kit on order:

  • 420 with the R Pack
  • Ballistic Orange
  • Ballistic Orange painted 7-gril
  • Lowered Floors
  • Upgraded front brakes
  • Carbon Fibre Nose
  • Carbon Fibre Front Arches
  • Carbon Fibre Rear Arches
  • Trackday Rollbar
  • Full Weather Gear
  • Kevlar Racing Seats
  • Carbon Fibre interior panels
  • Battery Master switch

Early Caterham Superlight R models were the influence to my choices, and a desire to concentrate on substance not decoration.

Image Credit: Caterham Cars Configurator (

Obviously, spec is a very personal thing and there are no wrong or right answers to individual choices, but there are just a few words of caution I would add, before you sign on the dotted line for a Caterham kit.

The Battery Master Switch is a very good idea if your car is going to sit idle for any length of time. As standard a 360/420 won’t start because of a flat battery if unused for three weeks. This means a car sitting in the garage waiting for a sunny day can easily have a flat battery. If you switch the battery off using a Battery Master Switch, the battery will last months, and the car will start without problem.

The Battery Master Switch is cheaper to buy from the parts department, than including it your kit, but remember, Caterham are doing the wiring before you get the kit – so, the extra money covers this extra work. If you don’t include the Battery Master Switch in the original order then your car will be delivered without the wiring for it, and it is a significant task to retro-fit the wiring as done by Caterham.

Carbon fibre indicator pods are 20% cheaper to order from the parts department than with your kit, and I can’t see why. It’s not a huge saving, but reading this sentence my have just saved you £25 (based on 2019 prices).

The Trackday Rollbar is cheaper to buy now. A 420 is a beast, one which can’t be fully unleashed legally on UK roads, so sooner or later a Trackday will seem like a good idea. Some (but not all) Trackday organisers require you to have a Trackday Rollbar in a Caterham, most notably the Lotus 7 Club for example. There seems to be a constant stream of people upgrading to the Trackday Rollbar, and therefore a glut of near worthless Standard Rollbars appear on eBay. Most Caterham parts hold good resale value, but the Standard Rollbar is the exception. This is the one upgrade that is most definitely cheaper to do when ordering a kit, not later.